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Brenderup Group is Scandinavia’s largest provider of trailers – and one of Europe’s leading brands in trailers and load carrier systems. Our products are available for purchase as well as for rental, and they are used by millions of homeowners and professionals.

We make it easy for people to get their boats and water skis all the way to the water. We help people to conveniently bring bicycles and sports equipment on their vacation trips. We make it hassle-free to transport heavy things for DIY projects. And we make sure that craftsmen can bring all their tools and materials to and from their workplace.

We can look back on more than 80 years of our own product development and production, with well-recognized brands Brenderup, Fogelsta, Ellebi and Mont Blanc giving our customers reliable and easy to use trailers as well as a wide range of accessories and load carrier systems.

Brenderup Group offers in the Nordic countries a market leading rental concept including trailer, service and administration tools to partners renting trailers to consumers as well as a one way trailer concept giving consumers in Sweden the opportunity to pick up a trailer at one location and returning it at another location. The combination of own production – providing vital insight into customer requirements – together with many years of experience and knowledge of sales and renting operations have made Brenderup Rental a strong partner for gas stations, furniture stores, building suppliers and other business renting out trailers to consumers.

Brenderup Group has 580 employees at five production and assembly sites, along with sales offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Romania, Germany, France, UK, and Italy. Head office is situated in Malmö, Sweden. The Group has an annual turnover of approx. SEK 970 million.

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