Our environmental concept

We have always had the ambition to run our operations with as little environmental impact as possible. This applies both to the day-to-day operations and the development of new products. At the product development stage this may, for example, involve designing trailers with reduced air resistance or choosing materials for lower weight. In day-to-day operations, both production and our transportation of materials and finished products are included within our environmental initiatives.

Efficient transport use is good for the environment

A small piece of wood was the key to achieving substantial financial and environmental benefits at Brenderup Group’s operations in Wielen, Poland.
The solution for major problems may sometimes be simpler than one thinks. 
In this case, a simply constructed wooden module enabled us to reduce fuel consumption by more than 50 per cent, to cut lead times and reduce the amount of damaged goods at Brenderup Group’s plant in Wielen, western Poland.
The goal of the project was to enhance efficiency in the storage and stacking of the finished trailers, both during warehousing and transportation from the plant in Poland to Germany. The object, in the first place, was to save on limited storage space and make it possible to carry more trailers per transport journey.
The simple wooden block became the key.
The solution was found in a newly developed, smart but simple, wooden block that was placed between the trailers when they were stacked for transportation. A number of advantages were demonstrated by using this method.

  1. This greatly improved the stability of the freight during the transport journeys. The enhanced stability made it possible to stack four trailers, one on top of another, instead of only three. This, in its turn, increased the storage and transport capacity by more than 30 %.
  2. The amount of freight damaged in transit has decreased.
  3. The changes introduced have led to shorter lead times for the benefit of the customer.

The compact design of the wooden block also made it easier to handle for the customers who reacted positively. They have increasingly started to reuse the wooden blocks through storing and returning them with the next transport from Brenderup Group. This then led to a 30 per cent saving in the use of wood!
In overall terms, the total fuel consumption in connection with transport journeys undertaken has declined by more than 52 per cent. On an annual basis this corresponds to 44,500 kg CO2! In other words, this is a real gain for the environment, both in logistical and financial terms.

Eco-sensitive heating in Jönköping

At our Brenderup plant in Jönköping Sweden, we use 100 per cent renewable energy.

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