RangeXtender™ from Brenderup


Brenderup Group today announced, a new trailer model to be released in 2022. The Brenderup RangeXtender™ give every electric car owner extended driving range, perfect for the long vaccation in the wilderness or outside the highways. The RangeXtender™ give extra driving distance up to 12.000 km - that is equal to an around the world trip.

Beside the extended driving range the trailer is also equipped with standard 240Volt/16A connector, perfect for professionals who need to charge battery tools on the road or other electric equipment. The RangeXtender a trailer with a built-in batterypack that take limited space from the trailer bedsize - its a flat batterypack covering the whole bedsurface so the standard benefits of the trailer is still the same that give that extra space for your camping gears or tools.

“This new trailer will definitely bring extra work opportunities and vitalize the whole trailer industry, says Daniel Blom, Site Manager and Managing Director of Brenderup AB. This new trailer segment will bring new customers and give the customers that extra driving freedom without sacrifice the environmental aspects.”

Features and benefits of Serie RX - RangeXtender™
• High capacity battery pack in three sizes
• 240Volt/16Amp standard electric output connector
• Welded hot dipped galvanized full frame steel chassis
• 6 internal heavy duty lashing eyes
• Low profile impact resistance cover

This Serie RangeXtender™ trailers will be available starting 2020-05-01, prices still not set.
For more information on this RangeXtender™ trailer, visit https://www.brenderup.com/

Models Internal bed size (LxBxH cm) Gross weight (kg) Unladen weight (kg) Payload (kg) Brakes Range extension up to (km) Wheel dimensions Adapter cable Axels
RX2260SB750 259x143x35 750 360 290 Yes 8 000 195/50R13C 13 1
RX2260SB1000 259x143x35 1000 570 430 Yes 10 000 195/50R13C 13 1
RX2260SB1200 259x143x35 1200 630 570 Yes 12 000 195/50R13C 13 1



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