All our products has unique details and are made for your specific need. The many common features and functionality have taken years to refined and develop. The craftsmanship to build a trailer started over 80 years ago and today your trailer is manufactured in modern production facilities.

Our legacy is scandinavian design and development, where the products proven functions is constantly improved and refined. You can trust in your trailer, year in and year out, in all situations. We are very careful in choosing material in our products, our suppliers are selected with care and work together to create the right material with the right specifications.

We work on a sustainable future, in how we use fuel, heating and energy. And we are working long term with our employees, the people that is important and know the craft. Who know how important a robust, durable and reliable a trailer should be. Just as good friend when your are on the road.


The two pillars of Brenderup Group were established back in 1934 and 1936. One by the Fransson brothers, in Fågelsta, Sweden; the second by Ove Justesen in Brenderup, Denmark.

Ove Justesen started his business by repairing and subsequently manufacturing farm machinery whereas the Fransson brothers, right from the beginning, produced wagons and carts.The production of private car trailers started in 1952. In 1991 Brenderup was acquired by Eldon; it thereby came to be part of the same corporate group as its previous competitor Fogelsta. Eldon expanded its trailer operations to include more brands such as Gisebo, Star Trailer and Kyllingekärran. Parts of Eldon then came to be transferred to the Thule Group.

As part of the efforts of the Thule Group to concentrate on a clearer profile, its trailer operations were sold in 2014 to Accent Equity 2012, with the new name of Brenderup Group.

July 7th 2021 Storskogen acquired the Brenderup Group from Accent Equity. Brenderup Group is be part of Storskogen´s business area Industry and the Products segment.