Grow with Brenderup Group. It would be easy for us to tell you what life is like at Brenderup Group and why you would love being a part of the future of innovation, but we thought it would be better to let some our people tell you for themselves - just pick your area of interest to the left.



Economist / APAR specialist

 I applied to the job because the job description matched my earlier job tasks very well, but during this short time I have already learnt many new things such as working in systems that are new to me. It’s a pacey work environment with a lot of ambition and it’s very fun to be on this journey and get the chance to prepossess and develop things as we’re moving forward. At the same time, it’s a good balance between new challenges ad steady routines. What I like the most about working for Brenderup Group is the colleagues. Everyone is very nice and always happy and this makes it fun to go to work!


Rental Customer Service Sweden

I’ve been working for Brenderup Group since the summer of 2014 when I was looking for a job that matched my education. In the beginning, I only had a short term contract and when it ran out I was offered a permanent job which I took since I had fun at work and really appreciated working for Brenderup Group. For me, every day is different – I have many different tasks such as transport planning, customer service, administration and sales. Working with a variety of things have taught me a lot both when it comes to my career but mostly on a personal level since I learnt how to handle different kinds of people. The best thing about working for Brenderup Group is the colleagues – we have fun together during working hours and we also do activites together such as the annual summer party and traditional Christmas dinner.


QMS Representative

Brenderup has enabled me to pursue my education in the area of quality, thanks to which I am fulfilling my professional life here every day. I have learned to work in a changing environment and I know that it's necessary to constantly improve. However, the greatest value that I instilled in myself as part of the crew is to achieve the goal, by sticking together and following in the same direction, because it is teamwork that is success.



Key Account Manager

I started my career in the sales area 13 years ago working as a salesman. I was responsible for the sale of products such as hooks, boxes in central and eastern Poland. I joined the Brenderupgroup company and the range of trailers in 2010 and it turned out to be a good step towards personal and professional development. Thanks to the dynamic development of the company and supporting the development of my competences, I can say that I love what I do and work is a pleasure for me. I am proud that I can continue to deepen my knowledge and achieve my goals. Currently, I am responsible for the sale of our range on the Polish and Czech market. At work, I value the atmosphere in the team as well as support, because we help each other and I know that Brenderup is not just a trailer manufacturer. Brenderup is a brand for people who share a common feature: Quality that is not accidental, but is the result of rigorous testing at every stage of product development.



Assembling team leader

I started working for Brenderup Group 19 years ago. I started out as an assembler and since I liked my work, especially my colleagues, I decided to stay. During my time at the company, I have learned a lot of new things, and the last five years I’ve had the role as leader for the production team. As a team leader, I have got a lot of self-development; I learnt to manage teams and individuals and got a lot more driven myself. A typical day at work I go to meetings with my team or the organization group, I have responsibilities such as ordering materials and making sure the production is functioning and teaching new employees. I also spend a lot of time working together with my team in the field.


Assembly operator, senior

Brenderup is my first place of work, here I learned how to create a finished product from start to the end. This work was taught to me by my older teammates. Thanks to them I quickly learned everything. "What do I value the most in Brenderup?" My team - it's clear. We know a lot about ourselves and that is why we support each other, help and replace. We have our own area, our topics, jokes from which we laugh together, matters we deal with together. It's nice when someone new joins us, you can be a teacher, trainer and older colleague, enlarge our team and create it again.


Assembling team leader

Brenderup is one of the largest companies in the area. I've been working here for over a dozen years, so it's like a second home to me. I know everything here, places, people, machines and feel at home. I work physically, I am responsible for the entire line, I have a lot of freedom of action and I like it. I feel needed. The company is solid and takes care of employees. Brenderup is a company with a future, I recommend.