Joining  Brenderup (Thule Trailers at that time) I haven’t` even dreamt that my adventure with the company will be so long and dynamic. Today, after 15 years in service I have to admit it as very good step on my personal and professional development path. Starting in 2003 I perceived  my long term career and it showed up that am in right place and time. Thanks to very dynamic development and talent supportive culture I could in very short time reach next career levels. I started as production planner to take over organization and management of newly formed assembly dept. just 4 months later.

After a year I was responsible for whole operational activity of Wielen factory with 650 employees. After few very dynamic years of company development in 2009 I took a position of Managing Director in Wielen.  In 2013 I was nominated to Group management team taking Operations Director position.  Continued my work on this position in newly established Brenderup Group I had a pleasure to still manage polish site. Next steps were connected with taking over other areas of Supply Chain becoming a Group Director responsible for whole chain. My responsibility have been extended to coordinate 6 factories in different countries and whole supply Chain form purchasing to distribution.

Today continuing work as Business Area Trailers Supply Chain Director am part of management team consist of 4 top managers being parallelly General manager and President of the Board for Brennderup Sp. z o.o. as well as shareholder in the Group. I am very proud of it and such position gives me possibility to influence the company development as well as shearing my knowledge and experience with my colleagues. 

Throughout all these years I got great support from my coworkers team  and friends as well as some leaders as without them all above would never happened. We gone through many different situation together and am happy that most of them successfully built their careers also. Thanking Brenderup for possibility of such significant development I would like to encourage all team members and newcomers to develop their careers with our company following my example.

To support it I would like to share a recipe for success:

  • Find development supportive organization (i.e Brenderup) !

  • Work hard serving others!

  • Give more than expected form yourself!

  • Be honest in everything you do!

  • Surround yourself with good people and respect everyone!

  • Use your talents !

  • Success is available for everyone! Good luck!