Why Brenderup Group

Brenderup Group is not only a workplace but a space for innovation and creating the future.

Why? Because:

We are professionals
We work together
We operate quickly
We make wise decisions
We achieve impossible
We never give up 

Brenderup Group is an international workplace that we build and change for the better each day, which is why we offer our employees:

  • Interesting and challenging work in an experienced and harmonious team
  • Professional development (read more)
  • Participation in international projects and cooperation with high-class specialists
  • A communication system that provides current access to key information
  • Brenderup community, which builds relationships and engages in social life

Do you want to be one of us? Contact us or check our open positions below.



Poland, Germany, Italy, France

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Albin Sunesson

Albin Sunesson

Sweden, Norway, Denmark

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Open positions

Take a look at our open positions.

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