Core values

Brenderup Group consists of several unique brands located in different locations with different products. But like a family, we all share the same core values where the group represents the parents and the brands represent the kids who are all unique and different. For example, our firstborns, Fogelsta & Brenderup, loves cars, snowmobiles, jetskis and muscle cars. Our newest member of the family, Mont Blanc, is a lot like its siblings, but is more into bicycling, skiing and an active lifestyle.

Sometimes these kids go on trips together. The parents are a bit older and they tend to care about boring things such as family finances, good order, not breaking the law and so on. But just like a family, all members still share the same values. And so will all the future members as well! It is the one thing that unites us.



We believe that all of our employees have really good insights and experiences and by combining all of that knowledge we can achieve great things together. 



Based on listening and understanding, we encourage employees to act on our conclusions. It is better to try and fail and learn something from it than to do nothing at all.



While we encourage employees to take risks and act on their beliefs, we also expect to be accountable for what they do.



If we are going to deliver unparalleled experiences and best-in-class solutions, we need our contribution at all times.



Just like a family, we help each other out. We would never tell a member of the family that “it is not my problem”. If you need a hand, you can always come to us.