Brenderup 1205SUB750 - Tested by ADAC and classified as "Good"


ADAC – Europe’s largest automobile club with more than 20 million members – has tested our 1205SUB750 along with five other trailers in the weightclass 750 kg. We are proud to see that our trailer ranked the highest within safety and durability and thereby outranked trailers from Stema, Humbaur, TPV, Unsinn and Stedele in this category.

The trailers were tested within different categories: “Features”, “Handling”, “Driveability”, “Safety & durability”.

In the full test our trailer came in 2nd best with the mark “Good” – and for that reason we were in close competition with Stema who ranked 1st and also got the mark “Good”. ADAC ranked the other trailers as follows: Humbaur “Satisfying”, Unsinn “Sufficient” and two trailers (TPV and Stedele) even got the mark “Inadequate”.

About the 1205SUB750 ADAC concludes:

“Biggest advantages: The trailer has a foldable drawbar so when storing the trailer you can save space. It is also positive that it has tilt function and it is equipped with a safety wire and 13-pin cable”

Read more about the ADAC test here.