Acquisition of 24Rental


Brenderup Group has today acquired all shares in the Swedish company 24rental Sverige AB, a leading company within digital solutions of trailer rental via unmanned depots.

Brenderup Group has today acquired all shares in the Swedish company 24rental Sverige AB, a leading company within digital solutions of trailer rental via unmanned depots. "24rental complements Brenderup Group in an excellent way and strengthens our position as a leading supplier to customers active within trailer rental in Scandinavia", says Stefan Sjöberg Hartzén, head of Business Unit Rental Sales within Brenderup Group. "The acquisition gives us a fantastic potential to expand our digital rental business to new markets in Europe.”

24rental is an established brand founded in 2013, and its first rental depot was opened in Västervik, Sweden, in 2015. The company has developed a concept for short-term rental of car trailers to consumers via unmanned depots – a system that is flexible, easy to use and has shown high customer satisfaction. The growth has been strong and currently 24rental has rental depots in 20 locations in Sweden.

An expansion of the rental business is well in line with Brenderup Group’s strategic focus on sustainable transportation solutions. Through the acquisition of 24rental, Brenderup Group continues to drive the development of rental solutions for trailers in Europe and now strengthens its digital rental offering. 24rental’s concept works brilliantly at both manned and unmanned depots, and strongly contributes to Brenderup Group’s ability to further develop collaboration with existing partners and at the same time grow by establishing depots where the company currently has no coverage. The ambition now is to roll out the digital rental concept in new geographical markets by leveraging Brenderup Group's existing organization and network.

“We have seen how companies such as Voi and Sunfleet have grown quickly by providing digital rental solutions based on sharing economy, and our ambition is to achieve something similar within trailer rental. The acquisition of 24rental will allow us to enhance and further develop our customer offering, which in turn will enable us to cater to a growing share of the trailer market by offering a highly flexible solution directly to the end customers”, says Rutger Barrdahl, CEO Brenderup Group.

For more information, please contact:
Stefan Sjöberg Hartzén
Head of Business Unit Rental Sales, Brenderup Group 
Mobile: +46 70 202 34 70

Rutger Barrdahl
CEO, Brenderup Group
Mobil: +46 705 233 955

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