Brenderup AB is expanding in Jönköping


 Image from left: Magnus Olsson Nivika, Stefan Sjöberg Brenderup AB, Niklas Bergman Nivika, and Pål Jönsson Brenderup Group

Since the early 1970s, the trailer manufacturer Brenderup AB has had its sales offices and production facilities in Jönköping, Sweden. Brenderup Group is continuing to invest in Jönköping by adding further operations to those that already exist today.

- We’ve had a fantastic sales performance in recent years. With Jönköping as a natural logistic center, we are now investing in a new modern facility to continue our expansion by increasing our capacity and further strengthening our market position in Sweden as well as the other Scandinavian countries, says Pål Jönsson, CEO of the Brenderup Group.

- Our Jönköping plant will be the hub for distribution to our customers in Sweden and will also supply both trailers and spare parts to an increasing number of customers in Denmark and Norway, says Stefan Sjöberg, CEO of Brenderup AB.

New facilities in Jönköping

Today the Brenderup AB facility is located in Ljungarum, Jönköping and during this summer the construction of a new facility at Stigamo will start. The new production plant is scheduled to be completed end 2018 and is expected to employ over 100 people. The property owner is the local real estate company Nivika, which is responsible for the planning and building for Brenderup in Jönköping.

- With this investment, we will be able to optimize our production, material flow, logistics and administration in a much more efficient way, thus creating additional value for our customers, Stefan Sjöberg continues.

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